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About Us

The Full Story

LRI is a Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm based in Williamsburg, VA. Founded in 1998 by Matt Connolly. LRI has grown to become a successful multidisciplinary firm employing licensed professionals with decades of experience in their field. This level of experience allows for innovation with all projects based on the scope of work and client needs. LRI:

  •  Utilizes the latest technology and best practice to ensure productivity and accuracy resulting in direct value to the client.

  •  Has built a reputation of meeting client needs and expectations in a professional, timely, and cost efficient manner.

  •  Works closely with clients to identify front-end issues, keeping an open line of communication throughout each project to ensure project goals are met and completed on time and within budget.

LRI’s project management approach is based on the following tenets: putting the client first, managing and adapting to change, listening to others, building teams and partnerships, being technically competent, and communicating effectively.


LRI clients are;

  • Attorneys

  • Developers

  • Real Estate companies

  • Contractors

  • Local Municipalities,

  • Engineering and surveying firms

  • Home Owners

  • Custom home Builders

  • Re-modelers

  • Realtors

  • Landscapers

  • Architects

  • Home Inspectors

  • Insurance Companies

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